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The Garden – Flash Back

I had a customer and his wife stop by recently that commented on how beautiful all the gardens look.  He asked if they could take photos to inspire there creativity. There was an area they wanted to turn into an English type garden (the were from England).

To be honest I was a little embarrassed at how it looked. About two years ago the pump for the water garden broke down. I did not discover the problem until to late. The pump was providing needed circulation to Koi the water for the Koi fish.

Our six fish were raise from about three inches long to about two feet long over a period of ten years. They were the center piece of the fragrant spice garden that leads to the shade garden. Both areas had be a pleasant  place to sit and enjoy a cool drink, enjoy a meal or just sit, observe and meditate.

The problem was discover when some of the grand children came to visit and feed the fish. As we enter the garden through the rose covered arbor entrance there was an anticipation fun around the corner. The large beautiful Koi were floating belly up. This was a shock for all to see.

After that tragic event I was somewhat discouraged. The pump had not been replaced nor had we spent much time in maintenance of the garden. So I said. ” You should of seen it a few years ago”, and tried to describe some of the features of the past. Then my memory kicked in and I remembered how I took many photos one year.

After finding the CD with the photos and viewing it, I was once again inspired by the beauty of God’s creation in nature. So I put this short slide show together to make it easy to relive and enjoy a garden of the past for myself and your viewing pleasure too.