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The wild turkey, which some years ago was endangered, has made a great comeback. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has, not far from my home, one of the largest wild-turkey farms in the country from which it has not only rejuvenated the stock which the Indians and early settlers knew here, but supplied many other states with stock for their own introduction or reintroduction programs.

The wild turkey, the ancestor of our domestic bird, is similar to it, discounting the modern addition of extra-heavy breast meat and injection-induced fat. After adding additional fat, any favorite turkey recipe can be followed. The wild turkey is generally more slender-bodied and longer-legged than its domestic counterpart and its feathers are dark chestnut-tipped rather than white. The tail feathers, incidentally, are an excellent gauge as to the bird's age and tenderness. Fan the tail feathers before plucking; if the tips are all even, it's an older bird; if the two central feathers are obviously longer than the rest, it's that years bird and prime eating.

As a general rule, turkey should be cooked thoroughly but not dried out.

The largest of our game birds, a fully mature tom turkey may be 30 pounds or a bit more. He'll need a lot of gentling to make good eating.

Jacqueline E. Knight


Deep-Fried Wild Turkey	

Amount	Measure	Ingredient	Preparation Method
1		Wild turkey	whole, dressed
2 1/2	ga	Peanut oil	
1	c	Italian salad dressing	
1/2	c	Lemon juice	fresh
3	tb	Onion juice	
3	tb	Garlic juice	
2	tb	Worcestershire sauce	
1	tb	Liquid smoke	
1 1/3	oz	Cayenne	
1/4	c	Salt	

  Mix all ingredients except turkey, pot and peanut oil to make a
  marinade. Let stand overnight in refrigerator. Use meat injecting
  needle to inject all through turkey. Put turkey and marinade in a
  large plastic bag and keep in the refrigerator for 1 to 3 days.
  Remove in time to bring to room temp before cooking. Heat oil in a
  40-60 quart pot to 325 degrees (Use candy thermometer). Immerse
  turkey completely and cook for 4 minutes per pound. Place a pie tin
  with holes in the bottom in the bottom of the deep fryer to prevent
  sticking. This is supposed to be a red-hot favorite. Try one.


Turkey Mole

Recipe By:	 John Ask and Sid Goldstein

Amount	Measure	Ingredient	Preparation Method
2	tb	Olive oil	
4	lg	Turkey leg-thigh pieces	
1/3	c	Sliced yellow onion	
3		Garlic cloves, minced	
1	tb	Sesame seeds, toasted	
1/4	ts	Cinnamon	
1/4	ts	Ground cloves	
1/4	ts	Coriander seeds, toasted,	crushed
2	tb	Ground dried ancho or mixed chile peppers	
2	ts	Chopped fresh cilantro	
2	c	To 3 c chicken stock	
3	tb	Smooth peanut butter	
2 1/2	tb	Tomato paste	
4	tb	Golden raisins	
1	oz	Unsweetened chocolate	chopped
		Freshly ground black pepper	
		Roasted and julienned red bell peppers	
		Warm tortillas	
		Fresh cilantro sprigs	

  Heat oil in a large, heavy-bottomed saute pan and brown turkey on all
  sides. Remove turkey and set aside. Add onion to pan and saute until
  lightly browned. Add garlic, sesame seeds, cinnamon, cloves,
  coriander, ground chile and chopped cilantro; cook over moderate heat
  for 5 minutes. Add stock and simmer for IO minutes, stirring
  Pour mixture into a blender or food processor. Add peanut butter,
  tomato paste, raisins and chocolate and process until smooth. Return
  sauce to pan, add reserved turkey and simmer, covered, until tender,
  about 35 minutes. Thin with stock as necessary. Season with salt and
  Arrange turkey on a warm platter. Whisk sauce until smooth and pour
  over turkey. Garnish with red pepper strips, warm tortillas and fresh
  cilantro sprigs.

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This is a sample recipe page from Recipe Girl.