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In the wild the ostrich has virtually no predatory enemies. Their weapons are their ability to kick and their speed. They can go from 0 to 45 miles per hour in 2 1/2 seconds, and can run at that speed for almost 30 minutes. They also have a very powerful kick, which is estimated to be 400 pounds per square inch. By the way, they do not hide their heads in the sand. They will occasionally stretch their necks on the ground, but generally they hold their heads erect.

Ostrich meat is a red meat, similar in color, texture and density to beef. However, it has only 1 1/2 percent of the fat content of beef and virtually no cholesterol. It cooks slightly different than beef because of the low fat content. It is delicious on an open grill, but also does well pan fried. All of the ostrich meat is USDA inspected so you can be assured of an excellent quality meat.

Ostrich have several advantages over cattle. For instance, they can live over 70 years and are reproductive for over forty years. No other meat animal can make that claim. In addition, an ostrich hen can lay from 20 to over 100 eggs in a season, year after year. A cow gives only one offspring per year. An ostrich is one of the most efficient food conversion machines on Earth. They convert on average 3 pounds of feed to 1 pound of flesh. The average for cattle is about 6 to 1. They can be pastured like cattle, or raised in pens. They make virtually no noise, and their pens have no smell.

Compiled by: Joe Comiskey

The Emu (Dromaius novaehollandiae) is the surviving species of its family. The others were exterminated by European settlers in mainland Australia and Tasmania. Second largest of living birds, this ratite stands more than 5 feet (1.5 meters) tall and may weigh over 100 pounds (45 kilograms). It can run nearly 30 miles (50 kilometers) per hour.

Emus lack the graceful plumage of the ostrich. Their feathers look a bit like shaggy fur. The birds' windpipe, or trachea, is constructed in such a way that they can make a loud booming sound.

Emus forage in small groups for fruits and insects. Because the birds sometimes damage crops, farmers often shoot at them.

From: Compton's Interactive Encyclopedia 1998


Ostrich Schnitzel	

Amount	Measure	Ingredient	Preparation Method
1	pound	Ostrich cutlets	see * Note
2		Eggs	
2	tablespoons	Fresh lemon juice	
1 1/2	cups	Fine dried bread crumbs	
1/2	cup	Freshly-grated Parmesan or Romano cheese	
1/2	teaspoon	Coarse sea salt	
1/2	teaspoon	Paprika	
1/4	teaspoon	Freshly-ground black pepper	
1/2	tablespoon	Unsalted butter	
1	tablespoon	Olive or canola oil	
		=== GARNISH ===	
		Hard-boiled eggs	
		Drained capers	
		Parsley sprigs	

   In a shallow dish, beat together eggs and fresh lemon juice.  On a 
piece of waxed paper, combine bread crumbs, cheese, salt, paprika, and 
black pepper.  Dip cutlets in egg mixture, letting excess drip off, and 
on mound of crumbs, coating both sides evenly and patting the crumbs in 
firmly.  Arrange on wire rack and let dry 30 minutes.

   Heat unsalted butter and canola or olive oil in a heavy skillet over 
heat.  When hot, add cutlets and saute, turning once, until lightly 
30 to 45 seconds per side.  Transfer to heated serving plates and garnish 
with sliced hard-cooked eggs, drained capers, and fresh parsley sprigs.  
Serve immediately.

  * Note:  Select Ostrich steaks 1/2-inch thick and cut into cutlets of 3 
4 ounces each.  Place cutlets between sheets of waxed paper and, with a 
meat mallet, pound evenly 1/8- to 1/4-inch thick.


Spicy Roast Emu With Balsamic Sauce	

Amount	Measure	Ingredient	Preparation Method
2		Emu fillets	
6		Cardamom pods - (6 or 7)	
1	teaspoon	Ground coriander	
3		Garlic cloves	finely chopped
2	tablespoons	Wine vinegar, preferably balsamic	
1	tablespoon	Freshly-cracked black pepper	
1	tablespoon	Olive oil	
1	tablespoon	Sesame oil	
2		Apples	peeled, and
		finely chopped	
1	cup	Beef consomme or stock	
1	cup	Port wine	
1	tablespoon	Red current jelly or honey	
2	tablespoons	Balsamic vinegar	

   Crush the spices with garlic in mortar.  Rub mixture over fillets, 
thickly.  Refrigerate for at least an hour.

   Heat oils in pan, add fillets and brown on all sides.  Bake in baking 
tray at
500 degrees for 10 minutes.  The Emu will be a bit rare.  This is fine -- 
is the best way to eat it.

   Remove to a warm place and allow to stand for 15 minutes.

   Balsamic Sauce:  Put all ingredients in pan and cook till reduced to 
thickish sauce.  Pour over the spicy roast Emu fillets and serve with 
potatoes and a leafy green salad.	

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This is a sample recipe page from Recipe Girl.