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Why Join The Chile Seed Ring?

The Internet has become an essential marketing tool for practically every business. However, reaching your target audience on the Internet requires more than just putting up a web site. The explosive growth of the Internet has made it increasingly difficult for someone surfing the web to find (even with search engines) specific information among the tens of thousands of web sites on the World Wide Web. The Chile Seed and Plant Ring provides a comprehensive index of Chile seed and plant vendors, related products and information web sites. When a person finds just one member site of The Ring they are rewarded with a wealth of information and resources specifically related to your product(s) by instantly gaining access to the index of other ring member sites, including yours.


As the popularity of HOT Chiles has grown, many more people are growing there own and looking for that perfect hot pepper. The Chile Seed and Plant Ring specializes in bring small to large scale gardeners and suppliers of Hot Chile seeds and plants together. Large commercial seed producers, small scale home gardeners or any seed swap/exchange individuals or organizations are welcome to join, as well as garden centers that stock Chile seeds or plants, starting and growing medium, and/or hydroponics equipment. The Ring will soon become recognized as the premier index for hot Chile seed and plant information on the Internet. Enhancements to Chile Seed and Plant Ring functionality, like the ability to selectively list sites by keyword, makes it an even more valuable information resource. Visitors will have the ability to search for a particular type of Chile seed or plant they want to grow and get a list of sites that sell, or trade/exchange that Chile. Membership in The Chile Seed and Plant Ring gives your site access to the target audience attracted by all the other sites in the ring.

What Are The Chile Seed Ring Requirements?

To become a Chile Seed and Plant Ring member, a web site must contain content pertaining to the sale, trading, swapping or exchange of, sources of, growing or equipment pertaining to growing of Hot Chile Peppers. It may be either a personal non-commercial web site that trades or exchange Chile seeds, or a commercial web site that sells Chile seeds and markets related products. The entire site need not be totally Chile seed/plant related. Web sites with seed starting and growing tips (Chile specific), Chile plant or pod identification photos, equipment and/or instructions for growing Chiles by hydroponics, etc. are good candidates for membership also.

In addition to containing required Chile seed/plant content, the web site must also display the Chile Seed and Plant Ring links. The links code is used by web surfers to navigate from one site in the ring to the next. If a site doesn't have the links, a broken ring exists. A web surfer will click on the previous site's Next link and then have no way to continue around the ring.

The Links Placement

The page with the Chile Seed and Plant Ring links is the first page a web surfer will see when arriving at your site via the ring. It can NOT be your Home page, links page or "my rings" page. The most appropriate page would be your seed/plant index page, growing tips page, plant/pod identification page, etc. Visitors "rounding" the ring will drop out if they have to wade through several "classy" pages of self promoting links before they get to the real content they are looking for. The simpler it is for a visitor to quickly find what they are looking for the longer they will stay! This is very important to remember. The goal of the Chile Seed and Plant Ring is to give each visitor just what they want quickly and easily so they come back often. Again, and again, and again! Starting off on the right foot with each visitor will make a good first impression and go a long way to insure many return visits.

The Chile Seed and Plant Ring RingMaster reserves the right to exclude membership in the ring to sites that don't meet the necessary requirements. Sites that become members of the Ring and then later remove the Ring links will be removed from the ring.

There is currently no charge to participate in the Chile Seed and Plant Ring for members who maintain their own web sites. Seed vendors that do not have an internet web site can join the ring and be added to a special resource page maintained by the RingMaster for a small set-up and annual fee. Contact the RingMaster for details. Terms and conditions of membership are subject to change.

What Site Maintenance is Necessary?

Have you ever tried to keep a links page up to date? The beauty of the Chile Seed and Plant Ring is that individual web sites don't have to maintain any links once the Ring links are in place. Maintaining a page of links on your site requires constant checking and verification to ensure that the links are still valid. Chile Seed and Plant Ring membership is maintained in a centralized database. As sites come and go in the ring no changes are necessary to individual member pages. The neighboring sites linked by your Next and Previous links are looked up from the database.

How Do I Join?

You become a member of the Chile Seed and Plant Ring by first filling out the membership Sign-up Form to add your site to a list of potential new members. Your site is added to a membership queue. You will receive an e-mail with instructions for adding the Chile Seed and Plant Ring links to your page. After the links are added and your site is reviewed, it is added to the ring. Submit your site to the new member queue list NOW.

The Chile Seed and Plant Ring: Summary

The Chile Seed and Plant Ring is exactly what it sounds like it is... a ring on the web! Each page on the ring has links to a main index and also to its neighbors on the ring. You can move around the ring in either direction and if you go far enough you come back to where you started.

Instead of each web page having its own index of links to similar pages an index is maintained centrally. This way links are less likely to be out of date. Prospective members of the Ring simply add their site to the queue, then the ring manager adds the new site to the Ring. The ring then evolves exactly how the members want it.

The Chile Seed and Plant Ring is what YOU make it: Join Now!

Still have questions? Contact the RingMaster.

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