The Official HTML Code

Chile Seed and
Plant Ring

Placing this code on your page does not make you a member of the ring. You need to follow the sing-up process to become a member. Sign-up Form Here The HTML code below will be Emailed to you, with your Information allready inserted if you use the sign-up form.

First, cut and past the HTML code below on the page you want visitors to see first.
This should not be your Home page, links page or "My Web Rings page". This is very important to remember. The only appropriate pages are your seed index page, growing tips page, seed information page, etc. Visitors "rounding" the ring will drop out if they have to wade through several self promoting links before they get to the real content they are searching for. The goal of the Chile Seed Ring is to give each visitor just what they want quickly and easily so they come back often.

<!-- Begin Cut/Paste Chile Seed Ring HTML code -->
<div align="center">
<table align="center" border="1" cellpadding="5" cellspacing="3" 
width="460" BGCOLOR="#FFFFDD">  
        <td align=center><font face="Comic Sans MS,Verdana" 
           size=+3 color="#660000"><b><font 
        <td align=center><font size="3" face="comic sans 
ms,Verdana" color="black"> This 
           is a  <font color="#660000" 
size="+1"><b>Chile Seed and Plant 
</b></font>web site is <br> owned by, 
           <a href="mailto:***SITE EMAIL***"><font 
color="red">***SITE OWNER***</font></a>
              </b>. To visit other<br> sites in this 
ring, click on one of these links. <br> 
           <a Target="_top" 
] ~ [ 
           <a Target="_top" 
] ~ [ 
           <a Target="_top" 
              color="red">Random Site</font></a> 
]</b> <br> <br> Click
           <a Target="_top" 
color="red">Here</font></b></a> for 
information on joining the ring<br> or look at a complete 
           <a Target="_top" 
color="red">list</font></b></a> of 
Chile Seed members.</font>
<!-- End Cut/Paste Chile Seed Ring HTML code -->

Next you must edit the code to your information:

1. Change the "***SITE EMAIL***" in the href="mailto:***SITE EMAIL***" code to your Email address.
2. Change the "***SITE OWNER***" to your name.
3. Change the "***SITE ID***" in four (4) places of the "id=***SITE ID***" codes to your sites ring ID number.

If done corectly it should look like this:

This Chile Seed and Plant web site is
owned by, Your Name Here . To visit other
sites in this ring, click on one of these links.

[ Previous ] ~ [ Next ] ~ [ Random Site ]

Click Here for information on joining the ring
or look at a complete list of Chile Seed members.